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Crowning Fraser Fir Wholesale Christmas Trees

09.24.16 03:16 AM

A tree topper is a Decorative Star, Angel, Santa or other item which is placed on the crown (top) of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. The most popular tree topper is the Angel, followed by the Star. The tree topper usually signifies the Christmas Star (Star of Bethlehem) or Angelic hosts which proclaimed the news of the birth of Jesus to the world on the eve of his birth.

During the growing season of Fraser Fir Trees, it is common for the top to accumulate numerous leaders. Since a tree topper requires only 1 leader to sit on we have to trim down to just 1 special one for the tree top adornment.

Our skilled tree shearers use very sharp clippers to snip them back. We are specific about the length and shape of this leader if not properly trimmed it can distort the entire shape of these most popular trees. Since we specialize in growing Fraser Fir trees to sell to wholesale buyers we take extra care in performing this technique. We want our customers to offer to their customers the best shaped tree possible.  

This is a common practice used every year by quality minded Christmas tree growers. Fraser Fir Wholesale Christmas Trees have strong branches so the tree top leader is very strong as well and can hold a heavy top adornment if need be. The Pictures below depict a tree with lots of leaders and then a tree with the one main leader remaining.

Untrimmed Fraser Fir Top                                                 Trimmed to just 1 leader

Fraser Fir Tree Untrimmed Top                                       Fraser Fir Tree Sheared Top

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