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Civic and church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school organizations, and more have been using the Fraser Fir Christmas tree and Christmas greenery for years to raise money for their organization. Fraser Ridge Tree Farm’s beautiful trees and greenery are a great way to raise funds. Christmas trees and wreaths are a family tradition and practically sell themselves.

Excellent Profit Potential!

Why put together your fund raising event with trees and greenery from Fraser Ridge Tree Farm? Excellent profit potential! Your organization will make money, while selling a product that is recyclable and renewable. Selling Real Christmas trees and greenery is a better choice for the environment. You'll also have lots of potential customers who will want to support your organization or cause. Church groups have congregations, the Scouts have loyal followers, and civic groups can reach out to their community! You will have repeat customers from year to year as well as word of mouth testimonials from happy customers. You will make money selling our beautiful Fraser Fir trees and greenery!

At Fraser Ridge Tree Farm, we give your organization the advantage of buying our Christmas fund raising products at wholesale allowing you greater returns at the retail level. By advance selling our products you can also eliminate the risk of left over inventory.

Contact us today to help you put your order together for Wholesale Christmas trees and wreaths.

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